Research area: internet promotion

Cutting production costs is fundamental. But today, optimising marketing costs can be equally decisive.

  research discipline searchengines

  • How do search engines evaluate web pages?
  • Human search strategies to find something with a search engine
  • Influence of title and abstract on clicking different search results
  • Retroactive effect of registrable human behavior to the ranking of search results

  Study of advertising effectiveness

  • Promotion via searchengines (creation and maintenance costs of web pages)
  • Very targeted banners
  • Widely distributed banners
  • Advertising in other media

  Study of visitor behavior on a web site

  • General visitor behaviour
  • Differences depending on how the visitor found the page (search engine, banner advertising, other media)
  • Differences of users depending on the screen resolution, operating system, browser used
  • Differences between users from different countries