Art, architecture and interior design promotion

The works of the artist are in the foreground of the presentation. The page makes the ambience, however, is reserved distinguish it and does not push itself into the foreground.

References - Architect Linz 2004 to 2010 Architect Linz
  Architect Mag. August Bammer is the Author of the book Buches ''biological right construction of buildings'' and well known for his atrium house.

References - Interior design Milo Interior design Milo
  We have been working together since 1998 In 2000, he asked us to create his own domain. His page already brought tasks as far as China for him.

References - Design + Event Design + Event
  A new magazine about design and the creation of events.

References - Mahesh spiritual art Mahesh spiritual art
  cooming soon

References - Interior desig with carpets - 2003 to 2013 Interior desig with carpets
  Individual designed carpets as the base for a high level interior design.

References - Charity Gallery - 2002 to 2005
Cooming soon

References -
Comming soon

References - fantasy art gallery fantasy art gallery
  We created these pages in 1997. We are very proud that our client Franz Miklis received this award and are keen to discover how much the website contributed to his success.