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Roland Mösl

Drachenlochstraße 1c/5
A-5083 St. Leonhard near Salzburg

+43 699 17343674

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Help for the +Menu Button and some browser tips

Download high resolution picture(s), change layout for printing. Zoom for printing. Exchange pictures for high resolution pictures before printing.
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Google toolbar typ

To much toolbars decrease the available screen space for the web site. Since the Google toolbar turned out as an indispensable absolutely essential tool for web design
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Browser Tips

Tips for more useable screen area at surfing by less waste of area for toolbars.
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Netscape 4.nn help

Netscape 4.NN web browser tips. Straightforward directions on the essentials of Netscape 4..
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Web Design Suite - Software, seminars, training and coaching

A single source for all your web-related needs. Ongoing research into internet advertising, the results of which are directly applied in the products we design for our customers.
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 Mozilla - more area 
 Netscape 4.nn help 

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