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Roland Mösl

Drachenlochstraße 1c/5
A-5083 St. Leonhard near Salzburg

+43 699 17343674

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Web design training and seminar

Train your advertising department in internet advertising. In close cooperation with your advertising team, we devise the concept and train conversion for the new website.
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Screen layout for blind and visually handicapped people

How do the blind read your website? To get an idea, start the Lynx pure text web browser for a test run and imagine the contents read aloud to you.
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Multi layout system simplifies design decisions

Design best viewed with  VGA, SVGA or XVGA screens? Our software can display completely different layouts on a single page. In other words, we simply design for *ALL* resolutions.
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More Examples of our multi-layout system

The following domains use our Multi Layout System with different layouts for VGA, SVGA or XVGA screens.
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Panorama photos, 360 degree allaround pictures

In tourism promotion, a virtual tour through the salesroom, architecture or for realtors: panorama photos are developing to an indispensable tool.
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