Register Your domain in each language

You should register domains in each language important for Your business. Domain name, folder names and file names should be for each page a clear statement about the page.

  Publishing system support

Our web design software supports to split a site on multiple domains. For each language one seperate domain. Each single page is linked to the translated page in the other language(s). Think on the hassle with all this links without good software support to make this automatic.

For example, the German version of this domain is on

  Web sites with different domains for English and German version

References - Web design suite
The pages detailing our new services were created in June 2001. They display the cutting edge of our know how. References - Interior design Milo
We have been working together since 1998 In 2000, he asked us to create his own domain. His page already brought tasks as far as China for him. References - EST Energy - 1999 to 2006
The first tiny website, a mere 19 pages, was created in 99. The new version currently under construction in the context of our web design training seminar is 10 times larger. References - English Express - 2002 to2010
The first English/German translation agency to offer a 2 Hour Express and Overnight Service. We have been in charge of their internet performance since September 2002. References - Intergeo Consulting - 2000 to 2009
Raimund Widmar successfully completed our web design training seminar with a 200 page strong website for his company. He enlarges the web site of its company constantly. References - Intergeo Water Technology - 2005 to 2009
Seawater desalination with lowest possible energy consumption is a key technology for dry countries. Intergeo Water technology delivers equipment with less than 2.5 kWh / m³. References - Silent Night Museum
The web site about the new discovered storry from silent night brought since 1998 to Mr.Hanno Schilf, the founder of the museum, many interesting media contacts. References - Incontinence treatment
Internet promotion is most effective when a middle-sized company would like to market an innovative product worldwide. The Detrusam of the Innovamed is for this a model example. References - Car Traffic
After the big success of an other magazine about cars and traffic. References - Building and Living
PEGE increases 2004 her online presentation of thematic magzines by a new one about bilding and living to document onw and other building projects.