Help for the +Menu Button and some browser tips

Download high resolution picture(s), change layout for printing. Zoom for printing. Exchange pictures for high resolution pictures before printing.

High resolution pictures download High resolution pictures download
Pictures on web pages are naturally far too small for high-quality print outs. But our websites also store all pictures with a higher resolution.

Print whole chapter
if You see this entry in the +menu, this page is part of a complete printable chapter of the web site. Printed documents direct from a web site.

Prepare print with MSIE 6 Internet Explorer
MSIE supports starting with version 5.5 CSS zoom properity. So prepare printing is only to earse the annoying header and footer.

Prepare print out on Netscape 6.N / Mozilla
Menu File - Page Setup. Sinze Mozilla does not support the CSS zoom feature, You have to manually set page scalling to 78% at DIN-A4 or 72% at US letter format.