New clients of WDS internet publicity

This list shows our 5 most recent published clients. For a complete reference list scan through all our line of business oriented reference lists.

References - Lindenhof - 2003 to 2005
Vandals destroyed the solar collectors. However, this was luck. Our client NET New energy technic was called for repair and recommended to have the homepage made with us.

References - Silk-screen print Stainer - 2003 to 2013 Silk-screen print Stainer
  The best way to show the broad product range of the printery was to enroll one of their technicians on our Webdesign Seminar.

References - Car Traffic Car Traffic
  After the big success of an other magazine about cars and traffic.

References - Building and Living Building and Living
  PEGE increases 2004 her online presentation of thematic magzines by a new one about bilding and living to document onw and other building projects.