References - environment organization - 1999 to 2005

environment organizations  

One of the largest solar energy sites in the internet. First version in October 1996. Own domain since April 1997. The big break through by V1 of my software Jannuary 1998.

Imagine you have just piled all your savings into the printing of 2000 books and the publisher goes bankrupt. What can you do? This was the sad state of our multimedia man and walking book shop back in 1995.

From 1991 to 1996, I attempted to make the GEMINI inhabited solar power plant reality. Unfortunately, my finances in 1996 faithfully mirrored those of any Austrian inventor. In autumn 1996, I decided that finding a new source of revenue was imperative, but that my projects had to be brought to public attention. So I turned to the internet.

As it happened, this was a spectacular case of creative bankruptcy. I was, in fact, incredibly lucky not to have any money at this time as the possibility of advertising was completely ruled out. The only option was free advertising via search engines. So, with the same intensity with which I began investigating the possibilities of solar energy in 1991, I turned my attention to the possibilities of making my projects known via search engines.