PEGE showcase for internet promotion

We had a big own demand for internet promotion, to disseminate our ideas all over the planet. The success of the PEGE sites was the birth of our promotion agency.

New paradigm - new view of the world New paradigm - new view of the world
Please something more simple - here the demand is to establish a new paradigm.

Calculation ERROR Calculation ERROR
Is the downfall of USA+EU only a huge Calculation ERROR? To promote the book and to create a world wide movement is the task of this web site.

WWW - WorldWide Wealth - party WWW - WorldWide Wealth - party
The established parties are completely resistant to advice and remember freed. To the rescue of people, environment and economy, this new party had to be established.

References - environment organization - 1999 to 2005 References - environment organization - 1999 to 2005
One of the largest solar energy sites in the internet. First version in October 1996. Own domain since April 1997. The big break through by V1 of my software Jannuary 1998.

References - Notebook & Livestyle References - Notebook & Livestyle
A PEGE project to move the world of employment in the direction of less traffic by working at home, office without paper, energy efficient computers and to promote development aid.