PEGE showcase for internet promotion

We had a big own demand for internet promotion, to disseminate our ideas all over the planet. The success of the PEGE sites was the birth of our promotion agency.

References - Car Traffic References - Car Traffic
After the big success of an other magazine about cars and traffic.

References - Building and Living References - Building and Living
PEGE increases 2004 her online presentation of thematic magzines by a new one about bilding and living to document onw and other building projects.

References - Politics for humans References - Politics for humans
Logic insteas of ideology. Game theory instead of class fighting. The major theme is the world wide tax reform for the human.

References - Advance to solar age References - Advance to solar age
The foundation book of the PEGE. At the decennial anniversary of appearance of the first edition in fall 1993, the complete book is reprocessed to a web site.

References - Roland Mösl References - Roland Mösl
New project from 2004: The background of the PEGE, a documentation about the life of her founder Roland Mösl. For many people well known as the ''founder''.

References - Built biology References - Built biology
How to market a book about built biology from 1998 in the year 2009? A good findable version of the book in the internet is for Mag. August Bammer the solution for this.