More Examples of our multi-layout system

The following domains use our Multi Layout System with different layouts for VGA, SVGA or XVGA screens.

References - Intergeo Consulting - 2000 to 2009
Raimund Widmar successfully completed our web design training seminar with a 200 page strong website for his company. He enlarges the web site of its company constantly. References - Intergeo Water Technology - 2005 to 2009
Seawater desalination with lowest possible energy consumption is a key technology for dry countries. Intergeo Water technology delivers equipment with less than 2.5 kWh / m³. References - Spain Golf Living
To sell real estate in spain to people in other countries needs more than a few photos. Much photos with details about the real estate and the whole region in spain. References - Salzburg
We purchased in autumn 1997 to host several customers from Salzburg. They later all upgraded to their own domains. Changed May 2001 to Multi Layout Sytem for testing. References - Sibiu
In preparation References - Play Maxx Salzburg - 2001 to 2003
The galactic experience game world Play Maxx in the City Center next to the main railway station from Salzburg is represented by us in the internet since February 2002. References - Himalayan Adventures - 2003 to 2013
Travels to Tibet, India, Nepal, Sikkim und Bhutan. References - Silent Night Museum
The web site about the new discovered storry from silent night brought since 1998 to Mr.Hanno Schilf, the founder of the museum, many interesting media contacts. References - 1a Auto Schmid
A Smart for 2000 EUR is an extreme good offer. A web site from WDS Internet Promotion for a car repair also. Many hesitated however Mr Schmid immediately recognized this. References - Car repair Gemen - 2009 to 2012
How to make an inexpensive quality car service well known, without investing to much money in advertising? With a web site optimized for local search! References - Driving School Reif from 2004 to 2017
Not a usual web site for a driving school, but an example, a Prototyp for others by the many examples for dangerouse driving situations in Salzburg city (soon) References - Workshop supplies Hinze from 2006 to 2016
As Mr. Hinze heared from Auto 1A Schmid, from where the customers have been driving to him for a tool to plane brake disks, he wanted his homepage also from us. References - Auto Schmirl - 2000 to 2003
We started to manage the website of car dealer Schmirl, in Salzburg, Austria, in early 2001. About more than 2000 visitors a month, even we had been surprised. References - Citroen Gietl in Traunstein - 2001 to 2004
What do while one waits for a repair? Best one makes an web site. In this case, the time passes by as in the flight and in this way, the repair is also paid. References - Pecho water
Website created in March 1999 and delivers continual good results. Changed to the new multi layout design in March 2001. References - Incontinence treatment
Internet promotion is most effective when a middle-sized company would like to market an innovative product worldwide. The Detrusam of the Innovamed is for this a model example. References - Silk-screen print Stainer - 2003 to 2013
The best way to show the broad product range of the printery was to enroll one of their technicians on our Webdesign Seminar. References - Zimmer Print Vienna - 2006 to 2007
Question: this possibilities has nearly every printing company. Answer: Yes, but most of them do not mention this possibilities on their websites. References - Glas print Stainer - 2004 to 2013
After the big success of their, the promotion department created with our CMS system a website dedicated to a speciality: printing on glas. New paradigm - new view of the world
Please something more simple - here the demand is to establish a new paradigm. Calculation ERROR
Is the downfall of USA+EU only a huge Calculation ERROR? To promote the book and to create a world wide movement is the task of this web site. WWW - WorldWide Wealth - party
The established parties are completely resistant to advice and remember freed. To the rescue of people, environment and economy, this new party had to be established. References - environment organization - 1999 to 2005
One of the largest solar energy sites in the internet. First version in October 1996. Own domain since April 1997. The big break through by V1 of my software Jannuary 1998. References - Car Traffic
After the big success of an other magazine about cars and traffic. References - Building and Living
PEGE increases 2004 her online presentation of thematic magzines by a new one about bilding and living to document onw and other building projects. References - Politics for humans
Logic insteas of ideology. Game theory instead of class fighting. The major theme is the world wide tax reform for the human. References - Advance to solar age
The foundation book of the PEGE. At the decennial anniversary of appearance of the first edition in fall 1993, the complete book is reprocessed to a web site. References - Roland Mösl
New project from 2004: The background of the PEGE, a documentation about the life of her founder Roland Mösl. For many people well known as the ''founder''. References - The Red Phone - 2001
Under construction since April 2001. This site is the official homepage of a new TV adventure series. References - Hanno Schilf
After the Silent Night Museum in 1998 and the movie The Red Phone where he is executive producer in 2001, Autor Hanno Schilf has now also his personal presentation by us. References - Joseph Mohr
On the occasion of the 225th birthday of Joseph Mohr on December 11, 2017, he got his own page about his life story and the new findings on the emergence of ''Silent Night - Holy Night''.