Examples of multi-layout design

The following domains use our Multi Layout System with different layouts for VGA, SVGA or XVGA screens.

References - Deutronic - 2004 to 2013
For many years a successful power supply manufacturer as cooperation partner of industry at innovative projects. References - Used machines - 2003 to 2005
Top used industrial machines from all areas of industry References - MSS Electronic - 1999 to 2008
Manfred Maier successfully completed our Web Design Training Seminar in March 1999 with a masterpiece: his new company website. References - UV-C UVC Disinfection - 1998 to 2003
A website is as good as the business contacts it creates. Mr. Stadler from Visa-UV systems is extremely statisfied with this site from 1998. References - CNC 3D 5 axis - 2003 to 2013
The CEO of the Thaleck Group personally compiled this website as part of our seminar in order to publicise the company's huge 3D CNC system. References - Cement design - 2003 to 2013
In preparation References - Erber Berlin realtor - 2002 to 2005
The well known realtor in Berlin wants to transfer his prospective buyers direct from the search engine to their wanted apartments. References - Web design suite
The pages detailing our new services were created in June 2001. They display the cutting edge of our know how. References - Architect Linz 2004 to 2010
Architect Mag. August Bammer is the Author of the book Buches “biological right construction of buildings“ and well known for his atrium house. References - Interior design Milo
We have been working together since 1998 salzburgs.com. In 2000, he asked us to create his own domain. His page already brought tasks as far as China for him. References - Mahesh spiritual art
cooming soon References - Interior desig with carpets - 2003 to 2013
Individual designed carpets as the base for a high level interior design. References - fantasy art gallery
We created these pages in 1997. We are very proud that our client Franz Miklis received this award and are keen to discover how much the website contributed to his success. References - Eco Energy Systems - 2001 to 2005
A very innovative enterprise on the way to economical success. They change for this from expensive advertising in the print medias onto our highly efficient Internet advertising. References - EST Energy - 1999 to 2006
The first tiny website, a mere 19 pages, was created in 99. The new version currently under construction in the context of our web design training seminar is 10 times larger. References - SERA wall heating sytems - 2003 to 2013
Since 1978 pioneer in the matter of wall heating and low energy houses. Leading into quality and permanence. The web site from us. Since 1996 pioneer in the Internet advertising. References - English Express - 2002 to2010
The first English/German translation agency to offer a 2 Hour Express and Overnight Service. We have been in charge of their internet performance since September 2002. References - Nepal development aid - 2001 to 2013
Our personal contribution to the first Austria village in Nepal for aid for self-help: Creation and continuous expansion of their internet site. References - Initaitive 40 - 2003 to 2009
Easy to find of consulting offers and easy to find  the unemployed by their future employer are the major targets of this page.

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Web design training and seminar

Train your advertising department in internet advertising. In close cooperation with your advertising team, we devise the concept and train conversion for the new website.
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Screen layout for blind and visually handicapped people

How do the blind read your website? To get an idea, start the Lynx pure text web browser for a test run and imagine the contents read aloud to you.
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Multi layout system simplifies design decisions

Design best viewed with  VGA, SVGA or XVGA screens? Our software can display completely different layouts on a single page. In other words, we simply design for *ALL* resolutions.
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More Examples of our multi-layout system

The following domains use our Multi Layout System with different layouts for VGA, SVGA or XVGA screens.
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Panorama photos, 360 degree allaround pictures

In tourism promotion, a virtual tour through the salesroom, architecture or for realtors: panorama photos are developing to an indispensable tool.
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