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A family search a 5 for beds non-smoker room with WLAN for the oldest sun and a cooking facilities to warm the milk for the yungest doughter. Thank Google and us for no problem.

References - Spain Golf Living Spain Golf Living
  To sell real estate in spain to people in other countries needs more than a few photos. Much photos with details about the real estate and the whole region in spain.

References - Salzburg Salzburg
  We purchased in autumn 1997 to host several customers from Salzburg. They later all upgraded to their own domains. Changed May 2001 to Multi Layout Sytem for testing.

References - Sibiu Sibiu
  In preparation

References - Lindenhof - 2003 to 2005
Vandals destroyed the solar collectors. However, this was luck. Our client NET New energy technic was called for repair and recommended to have the homepage made with us.

References - Himalayan Adventures - 2003 to 2013 Himalayan Adventures
  Travels to Tibet, India, Nepal, Sikkim und Bhutan.

References - Silent Night Museum Silent Night Museum
  The web site about the new discovered storry from silent night brought since 1998 to Mr.Hanno Schilf, the founder of the museum, many interesting media contacts.