References - UTELCO Callback - 1998 to 2000

Do web designers earn more with commissions? In 1997, the UTELCO commission system gave us some answers.

UTELCO Callback

In 1997, we thought UTECLO callback was a pretty good source of revenue and an interesting research project to add to our experience. The astronomical mobile phone rates in Germany at the time made the callback offer a very real reduction. The only problem was the credit cards.

But back in 1997, Germans were hugely reluctant to send their credit card numbers to an unknown American company.

We brought around 30.000 prospective customers to the pages via search engines and received 150 signed contracts. With a German bank contact, it would the number of signed contarcts would have been approx. 1000 . With a mere 10 pages.

We earned a 5% commission for every callback telephone call from 150 people, so desperate about their astronomical mobile phone bills that they looked for for a solution via search engines and even faxed their credit card number to an at first completely unknown company.

UTELCO Callback